Customer Service

Keeping our patients satisfied beyond their expectation is our goal.

We know that customer service excellence is the benchmark of effective medical care and treatment. To achieve this, we train and retrain our personnel at regular intervals. Quality nursing is a hallmark of the service we provide at Fanimed hospital.

Our HMO Partners

  • AXAMansard
  • AXAMansard
  • Greenbay Health Services Ltd
  • Hygeia HMO
  • Liberty Health
  • Total Health Trust LTD
  • Anchor HMO
  • Medexia LTD HMO
  • Clearline HMO
  • Sunu Health Nigeria LTD
  • HCI Healthcare
  • Health Partners HMO
  • Marina Medical Services LTD
  • Roding Healthcare LTD
  • Metro Health HMO LTD
  • Doves Intl’ Healthcare LTD
  • United Healthcare Intl’
  • Health Assur LTD
  • Doheec Intl’ Healthcare LTD HMO
  • Ocean 11 HMO
  • MH Healthcare LTD
  • Medical Partners LTD
  • Sterling Health MCS
  • Wellness Healthcare HMO
  • Reliance HMO
  • GNI Healthcare LTD
  • International Health Management Services LTD
  • Rothauge Healthcare LTD
  • Avon Healthcare HMO
  • Hallmark HMO
  • Venus Medicare LTD
  • And many more